Securing low carbon energy

for a new generation

Moorside Site is the proposed location

for three AP1000® reactors

Up to 60% accessible

to the UK supply chain

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NuGen plans to build three Westinghouse AP1000® reactors on land to the north and west of the Sellafield site in West Cumbria, with a combined output of up to 3.8 GW gross capacity*. 

Moorside will be Europe’s largest new nuclear construction project and NuGen estimates that up to 60% of our Moorside project could be accessible to the UK supply chain. NuGen is taking a long-term approach to investing in new nuclear and looks to bring together market expertise, technological skills and construction experience.  We are keen to draw on the existing expertise in the nuclear industry from across the North West.

NuGen is currently in the early stages of developing our strategy and plan for how we will effectively and proactively involve the supply chain and this portal will initially be used to provide information updates.

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*This figure is subject to turbine and technology choices which NuGen is currently considering and as a result, the actual generating capacity for the turbine and technology that is ultimately selected may be 5 per cent higher or lower than this figure.