Second Moorside public consultation will start on 14th May

//Second Moorside public consultation will start on 14th May

Second Moorside public consultation will start on 14th May

Cumbrians will get another chance to have their say during the second consultation on NuGen’s Moorside Project, which will commence with an event at the Moorside Information Centre in Whitehaven on 14th May.

The plan for the 11-week consultation are revealed in NuGen’s ‘Statement of Community Consultation’ (SoCC) which is published this week and available at the website, The document gives detail on how NuGen will consult the public on its plans to construct a new nuclear power station and Associated Developments, in West Cumbria.

In the SoCC, NuGen proposes more than 25 consultation exhibitions across Cumbria – with its expert team on hand to providing the opportunity for members of the public to ask questions, and give their views about the Moorside Project, which will become Europe’s largest new nuclear build project.

Fergus McMorrow, NuGen’s planning lead in Cumbria, said: “The feedback from both stages of consultation will help develop the Moorside Project in the best way for Cumbria, and West Cumbria in particular.

“The first consultation, which ran for ten weeks last summer, asked people about their thoughts on the strategic issues surrounding Moorside. Stage Two will present more detail about the Moorside Project, including information about the site layout, plus proposals for improvements to transport infrastructure and worker accommodation, to support the construction of the proposed Moorside Nuclear Power Station.”

NuGen’s consultation website ( has been re-launched, having undergone a revamp in preparation for the commencement of the Stage Two Consultation. From 14th May, the website will publish all the consultation materials and details and will provide members of the public further opportunity to have their say.